System prerequisites for operation of the RSAB AUTOmatic:
24-V  by activation of the parking light or steady plus and compressed air over 6.5 bar.

With the push of a button on the RSAB control unit, the hose is filled in just a few
minutes, and the system automatically deactivates.
To evacuate (vent) the RSAB hose, press the button or activate the brake.

The RSAB AUTOmatic is equipped with a two-color LED which indicates its current status: 

  • LED is green:
    RSAB is functional, evacuated and can be filled by pressing the button
  • LED is red:
    RSAB is activated and completely filled or adjusting pressure 
  • LED blinking red: RSAB is filling
  • LED blinking green: RSAB system evacuating

When the on-board voltage (24 V) is connected, the pressure is continually measured and automatically readjusted by the assisting mode in case of pressure changes. This ensures that the roof always has sufficient incline in the center.

For good measure, the control unit is equipped with a timeout function.
If the system has not filled or evacuated the hose within a defined time span after activation of the button (e.g. due to a missing or insufficient air supply, leak in the line or in the hose), it automatically switches to fault mode and the LED blinks red/green. This fault display can be canceled by pressing the button/activating the brake.

The product is approved as an electrical component by the Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority and was issued ECE type approval (no. 10 R - 036580).

The RSAB AUTOmatic can be used in all semi-trailers with sliding roofs and lifting roofs. Motor coaches, trailers and swap trailers can also be equipped.