The surveys of the German Meteorological Service over a period of 30 years clearly show that there are many "ICE COLD" days in Germany. From the North to the South, the danger of sheets of ice forming on truck tarpaulins persists for months.

Ice sheets up to two meters long damage engine hoods and car roofs and break through windshields, causing the driver to lose their view within seconds. Flying ice floes cause many accidents with deaths and injuries, enormous property damage and cause freight forwarders and drivers additional work, trouble and costs every day.

Life as a truck driver in winter is often dangerous, particularly when he attempts to climb on to the four meter high trailer at sub-zero temperatures in order to release and push off the frozen sheets of ice.

This may work, if the freight forwarder has invested in scaffolding for its yard.
But what does the driver do at a truck stop after a rainy and cold night?

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