The European patent for our invention was issued!
Furthermore, the RoofSafetyAirBag (RSAB) is protected by trademark law. 


In addition to the European patent, our system has been honored by a variety of innovation awards

In 2005, the RSAB was awarded the Innovation Prize of the State of NRW.

OstWestfalenLippe Marketing GmbH honored the winners of the MARKTVISIONEN OWL Innovation Prize in 2007. The jury awarded the special prize to K & M GmbH for the Roof Safety Air Bag, for preventing water and ice on truck roofs. The decisive criterion was the system's important contribution to traffic safety.

Participation in the Trailer Innovation 2007 and Innovation Prize of the German Economy 2005 competitions.

Innovationspreise Verleihung

European Charter for Road Safety

Traffic safety is a priority for the European Union. Countries, institutions, members of industry and associations are mobilizing around this topic. The European Commission has set the goal of reducing the number of traffic deaths by 2020.

K & M actively supports this goal as a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter.