The roof de-icing system consists of an air hose located centrally between the roof tarpaulin and the roof bows which is filled with air from the on-board compressed air system in just a few minutes.

This raises the tarpaulin by 175 mm and forms the flat roof tarpaulin into a gabled roof. The masses of water which normally collect when the truck is at standstill run off the tarpaulin to the left and right. 

With the push of a button, the driver fills the hose with pressure of 0.05 bar, on demand, with the RSAB control unit on the end wall. The system holds the pressure for up to a week and can therefore also be used on decoupled trailers.

In order not to exceed the legally stipulated vehicle height of 4 meters, the driver evacuates the hose before driving in about 4 minutes by pressing a button on the control unit or activating the brake.

As a result of the vacuum now present in the hose, the RSAB can also be used easily for sliding roofs and lifting roofs.

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