If you notice ice and snow on your truck, you will have to expect consequences – and not just in the case of an accident. The police are extremely vigilant for the uninvited roof loads. They know of the danger that lies in wait on truck roofs.

The new catalog of fines for trucks (in Germany), effective as of 05/01/2014, makes this very clear. Any truck roof not cleared of ice and snow costs 1 point and a fine of between €60 and €75, depending on the risk.

If specific damage occurs, such as negligent bodily injury or death, the matter always goes before the courts and the penalty is significantly higher. According to the new points system, a driver's license is already revoked at 8 points.

Drivers face a big problem here.
According to the employer's liability insurance association rules, they may not readily climb onto the 4-meter high roof; however, they are required by law to clear the truck's roof of ice and snow before departing.